Fiction As A Political Weapon


October 22nd, 2016


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Session 1 – Sean Higgins: “That Hideous Weakness” – Orwell’s Half-Seen, Fully-Hated Version of Lewis’ World

Session 2 – Douglas Bond: “The Short Novel That Halted Marxism” – Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Session 3 – Jonathan Sarr: “Weaponizing Uncle Tom” – Harriet Beecher Stowe and the Abolition of Slavery

Session 4 – Andy Bowers: “Formative Fiction” – Brainwashing Our Youth

Session 5 – Leila Bowers: “The Palantirs of Postmodernism” – C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Subversion Through Sub-Creation

Session 6 – Douglas Bond: “Two-Hour Monologue With a King” – Shakespeare’s Macbeth


Douglas Bond Douglas is author of more than twenty books, is husband of Cheryl, father of six, and grandfather of two. He is a ruling elder in the PCA, a history and English teacher, a speaker at conferences, and a leader of Church history tours in Europe. Visit his website for more.

Andy Bowers Andy is the husband of his beautiful bride Leila Bowers for a little over 11 years and the father of three vibrant and beautiful little princesses. He is a full-time teacher teaching Latin, Logic, Math, Science, History, Literature, and Rhetoric at Evangel Classical School. Visit his blog.

Leila Bowers Leila is happily married to Andrew Bowers and the mother of three dynamic little girls. She smuggles literature (amongst other things) into composition classes at Everett Community College while teaching online for Northwest University and foraying into the deep waters of Omnibus instruction at Evangel Classical School. Visit her blog.

Sean Higgins Sean is the husband of one wife, Mo, and a father of four. When he’s not trying to catch up on all the good books he previously pooh-poohed, he pastors at Trinity Evangel Church and teaches Bible and Latin at Evangel Classical School. Visit his blog.

Jonathan Sarr Jonathan is a pastor at Trinity Evangel Church and headmaster of Evangel Classical School. His love for fiction was fueled early on by the influences of Jack London and Gary Paulsen and grew from there. Jonathan and his wife Sonja have three children. Visit his blog.


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